Some People Think That Parents Should Teach Children About Society And Education

It is a commonly held idea that some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society; nevertheless, there is a strong counter-argument among some individuals that school is the appropriate place to teach children how to be decent members of society. In spite of this, I am of the view that this is a topic that has to be discussed in the context of a number of different aspects before any conclusion can be reached.

It is a widely held belief that parents should instruct their children on how to behave appropriately in public settings. This is mostly due to the fact that youngsters are more likely to heed the words of their parents than those of their instructors. There are a lot of different books that show us how the parents are the first instructors. Parents are responsible for instilling fundamental values such as respect, obedience, and honesty in their children. It is important for parents to instill such values in their children at a young age by modeling those behaviors and teaching their children how to do the same. For instance, the daughter of my uncle is just in the fifth grade, yet she shows reverence for others who have achieved greater age. due to the fact that their parents instilled in her the values that she should also instill in her.

Education begins at home, and the things that are learned from the time a person is a young kids involved become ingrained in that person’s personality and qualities. As a consequence of this, the lessons that children acquire from their parents leave an indelible mark on individuals. Therefore, parents need to use caution while instructing their children on the proper moral ideals and duties to society. Children have a natural tendency to imitate the members of their family, and as a result, parents are in a unique position to instruct their children on how to properly fulfill their responsibilities as members of society. The vast majority of children obey their parents more than they obey anybody else, and as a result, the advice that parents provide has a greater probability of being followed by their offspring. Due to the ever-increasing demands of their careers outside the house, many parents are unable to devote an adequate amount of time to their children; thus, instructors play a vital part in the education of these pupils. Some students just pay attention to their favorite instructors and treat their instructions as if they were engraved in stone. Therefore, instructors have the ability to contribute to the process of educating students about morals and duties.

On the other side, there are other communities of individuals who fiercely argue that school is the appropriate setting in which to acquire the knowledge necessary to function as productive members of society. This viewpoint is held by some people who think that parents should teach children number about education and society, one of which being that children in today’s society do not get to spend enough time with their parents since either both parents are working or the parent chooses to board their kid in a boarding school. Children will get their education while they are there. In addition, these characteristics need to be included in the course framework at the kid’s school so that the youngster may pursue them.

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