Reasons Your Brand Needs Integrated Marketing

Digital marketing alone cannot help you gain a competitive edge. You want integrated marketing to stay competitive in today’s market.

But, why do you need it?

That is because integrated marketing creates a unified and seamless buyer’s journey for your potential customers. Integrated marketing combines the best of digital and traditional marketing for your brand.

Find out what integrated marketing is, along with why your brand needs it.

Integrated marketing is…

It is a multichannel strategy to deliver consistency and a seamless experience for potential customers. The tactic makes your brand available on many marketing channels, be it paid media, earned media, owned media, or even traditional marketing media, like printed advertising.

Integrated marketing aims to deliver holistic marketing communication, bring your brand as a trustworthy figure in front of your target audience’s eyes, and increase your chance to acquire them as customers.

The example of an integrated marketing strategy

As an illustration, imagine you run a bakery. An integrated marketing strategy for a bakery can be like this:

  • Craft guidelines for branding purposes
  • Every marketing material must follow the guidelines to create consistent marketing collateral across all marketing channels, leading people to recognise your brand easily
  • Launch a website that follows the best practices of search engine optimisation so your website can rank higher on search engines
  • Run a social media marketing campaign for your bakery
  • Run offline advertising, such as lift media advertising, connect the advertising with a QR code; creating a seamless experience for people who are interested in looking up your brand online
  • Collaboration with YouTubers, bloggers, influencers, even podcasters, so your brands are outsiders who never hear about your brand can come across what you offer
  • Launch a paid media (search engine marketing or social media advertising) campaign

Those plans coupled with the harmonious brand message, tone, and visually striking marketing collateral can bring the consistency that makes you a brand worth trying on in front of potential customers.

Reasons you need an integrated marketing strategy

A successful integrated marketing strategy gives a seamless and pleasant buyer’s journey experience for potential customers. A great buyer’s journey leads to these:

Wider reach

A typically integrated marketing tactic is sharing the word about your brand or product on multiple marketing channels, such as search engines, social media, traditional media, printed advertising in a train station, and even podcasts. As a result, people can see your brand on social media, YouTube, while listening to podcasts, or even when commuting by train.

When people can discover your brand in more than one way, your brand message will reach wider audiences.

Bring more conversions

When you successfully implement the recommended practice of integrated marketing, you can also deliver an excellent experience for that audience.

But what is the role of a great buyer’s journey experience that you create? That helps your brand to convert them into conversions.

Boost your brand awareness

Integrated marketing strategy makes your brand everywhere on so many marketing touchpoints. Your audience can see your brand in the real world or the digital landscape. Hence, it is an excellent strategy if you want to amplify your brand awareness. For more info visit here Coin master free spin.

Take your brand to new heights

Integrated marketing helps you to acquire new customers or drive any desired conversions. Besides those benefits, it also helps in:

  • Increasing brand loyalty among existing customers
  • Attracting potential visitors to your website
  • Elevate brand recognition

The key takeaways why brands should try integrated marketing

Betsy Holden, a leading advisor from McKinsey & Co, says it best.

“Integrated marketing offers opportunities to break through to consumers in new markets”.

Ultimately, integrated marketing benefits your brand since it helps your brand:

  • An opportunity to acquire new customers
  • A chance to be discovered by more people
  • Drive people to become an army of advocates for your brand
  • Compete in your industry
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