Is Design-Build Contracting a Better Option?

Contracting and design-build are two similar methods for remodeling a home. Both are temporary, and both require a lot of red tapes. Not only that, but a design-build job usually costs more than a traditional construction job. So, is there a better option? The answer is yes, and in this article, I will show you why.

What Is Design-Build Contracting?

As you may already know, design build contracting is a popular construction option here in Mountain View, Ca, in which a contractor who designs and plans the home and a builder who builds and finances the home combine their skills to create a self-performed contract. This results in the contractors being able to create a unique home design and the builders being able to build exactly what the client wants, without outside influences.

Some people think this method is a better option than using a general contractor who specializes in building new homes; others think it is a better option than using a custom home company or a more traditional builder.

The Design-Build contracting (DBC) sector is increasingly popular with homeowners. It is a relatively new profession that combines the talents of an interior designer, builder, and financial advisor into one. If you are considering contracting out your home renovations, you will need to decide whether to use a DBC firm.

Why Choose Them Than the Traditional?

Since the flood of the housing market in the late ’90s, Design-Build Contracting has become the standard house building method. It has since expanded to include many different types of projects. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, Design-Build Contracting is the perfect building method for a number of reasons.

  • Less Time Involved – An unexpected benefit of the Design Build Contracting process is that the overall process takes less time than it would if the contractor did the work themselves. Contractors often spend weeks and months on design plans, estimating deposits, obtaining permits, and negotiating design features. Then, they spend months on construction drawings, planning, scheduling, and dealing with a large number of subcontractors. Finally, the contractor moves into the new space, starts work, and starts spending more time with their customers than with their subcontractors before the end of the job.
  • Low Operational Cost – One of the reasons why Design-Build Contracting a Better Option is its low operational cost. The homeowners can get the job done quickly, which reduces their stress on the project and their time. Also, by using a Design-Build Contractor, the homeowner is able to get a building that meets all their expectations at a cost that they can afford.
  • Less Inconvenience – For the construction industry, design build contracting is a more efficient and streamlined alternative to traditional design-bid-build, which has often resulted in expensive delays that can cost millions of dollars.
  • Easy Project Control & Management – When it comes to control, we are all familiar with the concept of “project control.” It refers to the idea of a project manager who oversees the whole process along from development to completion and is responsible for keeping everyone in line and on track. But what if your project manager was also in charge of the project team and would be supervising the design and construction of the project? That’s what is known as Design Build Contracting (DBC), and it better be good because it is a lot more work.

Design-build contracting was thought to be an inferior method of construction by many, but today it is a popular method across the nation. With the benefits of not having to handle the project with the same amount of care that many felt they would need to put into the design and building of the home, it has become an extremely popular choice.

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