How to Flirt with a Girl by Chat or in Person?

Let me clear you one thing some time flirting can be risky for you. Not every girl likes flirting, she might be offended. And clearly flirting is a tough thing to master. Your efforts of flirting can make someone feel uncomfortable. But if you want to approach or want to flirt with a girl seriously, the chat is often a good way for both of you in starting.

If you want to flirt with a girl then be sincere with her. Use appropriate language, give her some time, do not use cheesy words or language in chat or also in person.

Here are some ideas or ways to flirt with a girl by chat or in person. 

Never Use Cheesy Lines


If you want to impress a girl then never use cheesy lines to impress her. She will not impress by this. Instead, she might think that you have no sense about how to talk with a girl. Do not use old lines to impress her because girls do not understand how to respond to a new person if he says, we met before or you have fallen from heaven. But if you want to get her attention, you should be more genuine. And let her comfortable with you to talk. Flirt with a girl can be easy when she also feels comfortable with you and understand the things which you want to say to her. 

Always Use Your Sense Of Humor


When you meet with a girl or doing a chat, never make fun of your close friends or family. When you crack a joke with a girl always use observational humor. Making fun of someone else can make you a mean-spirited person. The best way to flirt with a girl or show interest is to try cracking a simple joke and observe where things go from there at that time. And keep patience, do not try everything to impress her. 

Give Her Some Time To Feel Comfortable


You can flirt with a girl simply by asking her to have a coffee with you. This is a nice opener line for every girl. It indicates to her that you like her or you are interested to spend time with her. But you have to leave the thing to her, let her decide if she wants to come or she is also interested in you or not. Never force her, girls do not like too much force. So, do not try to make her feel trapped.

Focus On Your Smile

If you are doing flirt with a girl in a person then your smile can help you in that case. Your smile will take you very far. It will indicate to her that you are enjoying her company and she will feel that she makes you happy. Smile actually spread positivity and people feel comfortable in a positive atmosphere. We are not talking about a loud laugh or unnecessary laugh here. We are talking about a natural smile, which gives a sense of good vibes. 

Ask Her To Exchange The Phone Numbers


This is the best way to flirt with a girl by asking about the number exchange. If she is ready to exchange the number then you can try further to impress her on chat. You can make a plan by messaging to go out or watching a movie. You can share some funny jokes or some interesting talks over a call. Sharing funny things shows her that you have a nice sense of humor. Do not use long paragraphs like messages. If you really have something lengthy to tell her, do that on a call or in person. Lengthy messages can make your text hard to read for some new person. 

Use Emojis Wisely


 When you start texting do not use too many emojis to express your words. It can go wrong, maybe she misunderstands the meaning of your emoji. So, try to use simple texting language because sometimes things get very lost in translation. In order to express your emotions or thoughts use nice words. Use emojis in a limit. 

Create The Impression That You Are Sincere With Her

If you really want to flirt with a girl, do your best. Show your sincerity towards her. Your fake attitude can be recognized easily. If you really like her and want to move from online dating to physical meetings, do your best not to lie to her. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that flirt with a girl must be light-hearted and fun. 

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