Flowers may be an essential feature of every wedding, large or small. It’s probably the one day in your life when you can carry a lovely bouquet, wear flowers in your hair, and cover almost every place around you with beautiful blossoms. So why not take advantage of it? But where do you even begin when it comes to picking a wedding florist? Most people enjoy fresh flowers but are unfamiliar with their names and kinds, as well as what is in season and when. Given that the beginning price for wedding flowers is roughly ¬£1000, you must exercise caution when selecting your wedding florist.


Look at as many wedding florists as you can, and follow them on Instagram for an inside look into how they work. There are brilliant wedding florists all around the country that create stunning work. But don’t be deceived into believing they’re all from the big city. Check out our Rock My Wedding Recommended Suppliers for outstanding florists throughout the country.

Please make a list of wedding florists and schedule meetings with them. Display your Pinterest boards, outfit, venue, and so forth. Tell them about your vision. See how they respond, their ideas, and whether you can work with them. Don’t feel compelled to book them if it doesn’t seem right. Look at a variety of the florist’s work, not just one wedding, to get a sense of their style. Although the florist will work to your brief, it is vital to note that a florist is a creative person who will produce their finest work when working within their style. For example, some individuals choose a wedding florist with a highly structured style, while others prefer a florist with a more wildflower/boho approach. Yet, others want a florist who creates the most beautiful traditional bouquets. Consider the overall theme of your wedding and hunt for a wedding florist that shares your vision.


  • Make sure you know how much money you’ve spent on flowers and inform your wedding florist. Discuss a price range you’d like to keep inside. This allows you some freedom while establishing a restriction your florist must not exceed.
  • Consider looking for ambitious florists. Younger employees working for high-end florists frequently want to broaden their portfolios and will take on freelancing work. Look into local floristry classes and floral schools as well.
  • Make use of seasonal blossoms. It truly makes a difference. And, of course, it provides a more natural, seasonal appearance. Your wedding florist can advise you on this, and if you have your heart set on a specific flower, but it is just not practical for the time of year, they will be able to propose something different.
  • If you want to adopt a hybrid approach, engage a florist for the bouquets and anything else that needs to look extra special, and handle the rest yourself. This will not insult wedding florists in the least.
  • In table displays, use herbs instead of flowers and more greenery. Consider using candles, ribbons, old jars, bottles, and books to decorate the tables.

Finally, most people book their florist around six months before the wedding. However, if you have your heart set on someone, schedule them as soon as possible.

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