Use Of Copper In Our Daily Lives

It’s been thousands of years since copper was first discovered, and up till now, its uses have only been increased. Most of the people walk past copper-containing objects and machinery without even noticing.

From biology to the building of different tools, copper has a wide variety of uses and can be considered an essential part of human lives. In addition to that, human beings need 1.2 mg of copper daily for the proper working of enzymes in the body.

In this article, we will discuss the use of copper in our daily lives to better understand the benefits that copper provides us with.

Use Of Copper In The Medical Field

Ancient Egyptians during the mid-5th millennium B.C. used copper in disinfecting surgical tools and wounds. Nowadays, copper is widely used in hospitals and different medical centers around the world to minimize the spread of bacteria and other germs.

This is because of the study done on copper by Dr. Bill Keevil in which he found out that copper surface is unlike other metals such as platinum and does not allow MRSA (a resistant strain of bacterial staph) to survive on it.

Moreover, this discovery opened gates for medical institutes and hospitals to decrease the spread of different diseases. Now, hospitals worldwide are installing copper touch surfaces that can help reduce the spread of bacterial infections among patients.

Use Of Copper In Homes And Industries

Copper has plenty of uses in the homes that we are living in. For instance, it is used in the electric wires installed throughout the house. Most roofing materials use copper to increase their lifespan, and every motor present in fans and other household machinery uses copper.

Furthermore, multiple electrical and plumbing industries make a lot of use of copper in different industrial machinery because of its good conductive properties that help them facilitate heat exchange.

This growing use of copper has also increased its demand in the last couple of decades, and copper mining industries like Three Valley Copper TVC have also increased their production per requirement. Market forces have made high-grade copper one of the most valuable resources in the world — and Three Valley Copper (TVC.V) is already producing the highest grade copper available.

Use Of Copper In Jewelry

Copper also has a variety of uses in the making of jewelry. Since copper can be easily molded with different precious metals such as gold and silver, it is widely used in making gold and silver alloys. Molding copper with gold and silver helps improve their hardness, flexibility, corrosion resistance, and color maintenance.

Copper is also used in another copper alloy, sterling silver used to make tableware, utensils, and other jewelry. It is a harder alloy than gold and is widely used in buckles, cufflinks, and bracelets.


Copper nowadays has a variety of use in our daily lives and cannot be ignored as a useful metal. Thus, the growing demand for copper requires the establishment of more copper-making industries.

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