The Journey of Spiritual Awakening: Tips to Waking Up to Who You Are

Waking up to who you are, takes practice, patience, and persistence. And, as with any significant transformation, it can be uncomfortable sometimes. But staying committed to the process of self-discovery and spiritual awakening will help you achieve your most tremendous potential as you learn to embody more love, joy, peace, and happiness in your everyday life experiences and interactions with others. Here are tips that can help you stay on the path to spiritual awakening and discover the life-changing journey of self-discovery that awaits you!

1. Consulting with a Spiritual Pioneer

Finding someone to help you on your spiritual journey is essential, especially if this is your first time. An excellent person to talk to would be a Spiritual Pioneer. They can help you see where you’re going and what path you should take to live the life of your dreams and enjoy it!

One good example is John De Ruiter, who believes in the fundamental presence of knowing, which manifests into infinite potentials through our every living act and that human beings are whole and complete from the beginning. You will be in safe hands because a reliable spiritual teacher will show you the way if you follow through and stay true to yourself.

2. Accepting the Truth

The truth within you is that you are a spiritual being. You have many false beliefs and perceptions that come from the outside world. However, when you embrace the truth and start accepting it for what it is, everything will change for the better. The next step is letting go of your fears and trusting yourself with your journey towards awakening. You may initially experience resistance, but you will start feeling lighter and more energized if you do this.

Also, don’t compare yourself to others; be authentic in who you are and embrace your thoughts, feelings, and opinions. If you can do these things, you will soon realize nothing is worth running away from or even allowing feelings of helplessness. An experienced spiritual leader like John De Ruiter will help you achieve the necessary milestones with awareness, self-love, and understanding.

3. Dealing with Unconditional Love

It can be hard to show love towards oneself when the world around us is full of selfish desires. The best thing to do for oneself is to find time for self-love and do it unconditionally. As it may seem at first, self-love does not mean always being happy or never having a bad day. It’s about opening up, caring, and accepting oneself just as they are. That includes embracing every single feeling, good and bad.

When you find yourself amidst all this, it is essential to remember that you are not alone- no matter how much you feel like nobody cares or understands what you’re going through. Unconditional love helps one deal with resistance and any feelings of doubt. It enhances everything positive within an individual, including creativity, strength, and courage. Nothing negative is associated with it whatsoever!

4. Elevate Your Consciousness

A primary key in waking up and becoming spiritually aware is observing what’s happening around you. Become mindful of how you feel, physically and mentally. It would help if you didn’t put a blanket judgment on your thoughts or emotions; instead, only observe them. If they bother you, ask why they are here in your mind right now. Then take that feeling and transform it into something different if possible. Elevated consciousness is the gateway to spiritual awareness.

When you consciously try to become more observant and aware of yourself and your surroundings, you will start to notice more things around you- good and bad and solutions. An essential step in this process is knowing who precisely this you is. It may not be easy to answer this at first. Still, once the light starts shining on the areas where society has taught you otherwise, like lies, self-deception, or false perceptions, it becomes easier over time.

5. Take Responsibility for Your Thoughts and Actions

Your thoughts and actions shape your experience in this world, but that doesn’t have to be bad! To experience peace in your life, make peace your intention every day and watch how your reality changes. Notice when an old thought pattern rears its ugly head and replaces it with something new. Don’t let yourself off the hook for anything!

The change will not happen if you don’t take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Be responsible for all aspects of your life, even where you feel like there’s nothing more you can achieve. The beauty of taking responsibility is that we often find solutions where we didn’t know they existed!


Becoming aware of self takes time and commitment. It is an invaluable process that is worth the payoff. When you wake up, you remember who you were all along. Whether you want to be a spiritual seeker or not, awakening can happen to anyone at any moment. The more people become awakened in this day and age; the more society will change for the better. Awakening can be scary at first, but it’s one of life’s most beautiful things. Get an experienced spiritual leader cum coach to help guide you through your journey. Once awake, spread the word with those willing to listen and improve the world.

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