The Dangers Of Black Market Cosmetic Procedures

Black market cosmetic procedures can be extremely dangerous, as they are not subject to the same safety standards and regulations as licensed plastic surgeons. These procedures often involve using unsafe or untested products that can have serious side effects, such as scarring, infection, disfigurement, and even death.

If you are considering undergoing a plastic surgery procedure, it is important to only work with a licensed and reputable plastic surgeon. Do not risk your health and safety by going to an unlicensed individual for a black-market cosmetic procedure. The risks simply are not worth it.

Some of the dangers of black-market cosmetic procedures include:

  1. Infection– One of the most common complications of plastic surgery is infection. When plastic surgery is performed in unsanitary conditions or with unsafe products, it can lead to serious infections that can be difficult to treat and may even require amputation in the worst cases.
  2. Scarring– Another common complication of plastic surgery is scarring. If plastic surgery is not performed properly, it can lead to permanent scars that will affect the appearance and function of your body.
  3. Disfigurement– One of the most serious complications of plastic surgery is disfigurement. When plastic surgery is performed using unsafe products or in unsanitary conditions, it can cause permanent disfigurement that will significantly affect your appearance.
  4. Death– One of the most devastating complications of plastic surgery is death. When plastic surgery is performed using unsterilized equipment or with unregulated products, it can lead to fatal complications such as blood clots and organ failure.
  5. Other health complications– In addition to the risks listed above, plastic surgery can also cause other serious health complications, such as nerve damage, blood loss, and even paralysis.

How to spot a black market plastic surgery provider?

There are a few things to look out for that may indicate that a plastic surgery provider is operating outside of the law:

  1. They do not have a medical license.
  2. They do not have hospital privileges.
  3. They do not belong to any professional plastic surgery organizations.
  4. They do not have any positive online reviews from previous patients.
  5. They use unsterilized or unregulated products during plastic surgery procedures.
  6. They do not follow established safety protocols for plastic surgery, such as ensuring that all surgical instruments are properly sterilized and using appropriate anesthesia when necessary.
  7. They offer plastic surgery at very low prices, often significantly lower than what legitimate plastic surgeons charge.

If you suspect that a plastic surgery provider may be operating illegally, it is best to stay away and seek professional care from a licensed plastic surgeon instead. To find a reputable plastic surgeon in your area, contact the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or your local plastic surgery society for recommendations. You can also check with your local medical board to verify that a plastic surgeon is licensed to practice in your state.

Where to find a licensed and qualified plastic surgeon in Utah or any other state in the US?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons website can help you find a plastic surgeon in your area who is board-certified and has the experience necessary to provide you with safe and successful plastic surgery. You can also check with your local plastic surgery society or medical board to find a qualified plastic surgeon.

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