Reasons You Need to Work With An Attorney When Involved In A Truck Accident In Arizona

There are thousands of truck accidents that happen each year. These trucks are vastly different than regular cars or SUVs, making them difficult for other drivers on the road to see around.

It is especially true if you’re driving next to a large tanker truck or pulling double trailers with loads weighing over 80,000 pounds behind them. As much as there are specific laws to prevent accidents, they still happen.

Below are reasons you need legal representation from a Peoria truck accident attorney

1. An attorney will make sure you are treated fairly

It is important to note that the trucker may not pull over if there are any injuries involved. Instead, they are obligated to call for medical assistance themselves.

Another reason you need legal representation is how the police investigation works. If there are any insurance forms or accident reports filled out, it will be done by the police. Therefore they might take what the trucker says at face value.

An attorney can ensure you and other parties involved receive fair treatment, and the facts of the case are not misleading.

2. There is no such thing as a good or bad insurance

No matter what kind of insurance the trucker has, it is vital to have an attorney represent you because your injuries are always more important than anything else.

For example, if a truck driver with bad or no insurance hits you, you’ll pay back their expenses. If there is good or excellent insurance involved – the money might be there to compensate you for your injuries.

3. You can’t negotiate with an insurance company by yourself

It’s not uncommon for the trucker’s insurance company to contact you directly to settle out of court – especially if you were in a minor accident. However, this isn’t worth much because they’re also looking at ways to reduce their settlement totals.

If you have a lawyer representing you, they will deal with the insurance company on your behalf and ensure that you get an acceptable settlement offer.

4. You can gain access to documents that help you win a case

Truck accident cases are complicated because there might be mistakes in the police report. Also, if there is anything you need to prove your case – like the truck’s brake system or paint transfer on your car after the crash – it can be hard to access this information without an attorney.

However, if the other party is willing to settle out of court, you might not even need these documents – because giving you a settlement offer becomes easier.

5. You might need a specialist on your side

Since truck accidents in Arizona can cause more damage than regular car accidents, you may need a specialized lawyer. For example, if the case involves brain injuries or complex medical procedures, it may be best to have an attorney who specializes in those kinds of cases on your team.

In general, having legal representation is always better than not having it – even if you’re just in a minor collision.

In a nutshell, if you are involved in a truck accident, whether it is with an 18 wheeler or any other kind of large commercial vehicle, you should immediately call the police. After you have received medical attention, if needed, contact an attorney so they can get started on your injury claim.

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