Major Signs To Hire a Pool Repair Contractor

With proper maintenance, you can have a perfectly functioning swimming pool for a long time. Unfortunately, even with routine care and maintenance, time might take a toll on your pool. Your pool might manifest signs that it needs some expert attention. You can save yourself some bucks and time by catching these small issues before they worsen. Learning the following signs will go far to keep your swimming pool in good shape.

Cracked Walls

When the concrete walls of your swimming pools start to show cracks, make sure to contact a pool repairman for immediate attention. Cracks often lead to water leakages that waste water and weaken the soil surrounding the structure. A reliable pool repair contractor will assess the cause of the cracks and fix them to prevent future issues.

Dirty Water

If your swimming pool is always treated, but the water still looks unclean or cloudy, you might have an issue with the pipework. Debris might have blocked the pipes, thus diminishing water flow through the pool filters. The water will remain filthy until a pool professional removes the offending debris. Unclean water might also be a sign that something is wrong with the pool pump. A malfunctioning pool pump does not filter or circulate water properly, thus the dirty and cloudy water. While you can troubleshoot the problem yourself, it is better to leave the job to an experienced pool repairman.

Crack on Your Steps

Cracks on your pool’s steps might mean age or other possible problems. When left unaddressed, the cracks can cause bigger issues that might be hard to repair. A good contractor will fix the problem before the cracks spread.

Peeling or Broken Plaster

A pool surfaced with plaster always looks good. However, you should mix your cleaning products properly to prevent the surface plaster on your pool from eroding. You will know that your plaster surface is eroding when some parts crack and peel away. The moment you notice these signs, contact your pool contractor to drain your pool and assess the extent of the damage. The contractor will repair your pool and resurface the damaged areas or resurface the entire pool if need be.

Pool Heater Malfunctioning

If your pool’s water remains cold even when the heater is running, calling a pool repairman will do you a big favor. It is possible that the heater’s controls are not functioning correctly, or some clogged pipes might be reducing the water flow. If your pool heater has reached the end of its life, your pool company might recommend a new heating system.

Broken Lights

Damaged pool lights are a significant problem. You might see it as a simple fix, but working with water and electricity is very dangerous. That is why contacting a professional pool repair contractor in the shortest time is the best choice.

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