How to Help Your Movers on Moving Day

Even though moving to a new home can take a toll on you and your family members, there are several things that you can do to help your movers so that you can all enjoy the transition process.

Below are several ways you can help your movers on a moving day to ensure everything is seamless. Let’s dive right in!

Schedule reliable movers in advance

Scheduling movers early ensures that they know when they’re supposed to come to your home. And what is expected of them? Remember, hiring a moving company on some seasons can be challenging, but booking them early enough will give both of you enough time to ensure a smooth move.

The best moving company can handle moves of all sizes. When you schedule early enough, you allow them to get to your destination without hassle. You give them ample time to offer quality moving services, and this guarantees a successful move. It also allows them to give a level of care that is unmatched on your D-Day.

Pack early enough

If you want to have a moving company deal with the entire moving process, you can freely do so. However, if you intend to save on costs, you need to do your part by packing in advance.

Even though they might not show it, professional movers show a sign of displeasure when they find you confused and everything all over the place. Even though you might be busy, have a packing schedule. Do not have the movers waste their time waiting for you to get your act together.

Additionally, label all the boxes with the destination room. That will ensure efficient unloading and save you the hassle of directing the movers all through.

It also saves their time when they know where they should place the items around your home. Do all the labeling before they arrive.

Plan for easy access in and out of both homes

Thirdly, ensure that there’s effortless access for movers in your current and next home. You may need to book loading docks, elevators, etc. so that they can have an easy time.

Ensure the paths are clear and walkable. And that all the rooms are easy to access. Doing this will help them work efficiently. And save time. It also reduces incidences of accidents.

Keep pets and children away.

Keep your kids and pets safe. But they should not get in the way of the movers. If you don’t sort this out, the moving process may slow down. And it might be dangerous for the kids and pets as well. In case a mover is carrying furniture, they may drop them. And this may hurt anyone around.

You might want to send your adorable kids and pets to a trusted neighbor or relative if possible. That will keep them away until the moving company gets done for the day.

Don’t leave the vicinity.

Even though movers prefer instructions and for you to leave them to work their way, your input will get required throughout the process. And that is why you need to be on standby. 

You can get bored by just watching movers work, but you will need to be there for guidance. If you need to step out for a while, you can leave them with a trusted family member. Or let them know how they should contact you.

Prepare payment

If you want to pay in cash, you need to have it ready once the job gets done. Your movers have been working all day, and the last thing you want is to make them wait as you find the money. If paying via credit card or any other means, you need to sort this in advance.

Finally, you can tip them as an appreciation gesture and give them snacks to keep them energized throughout the moving process.

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