How to Help Your Movers on Moving Day

Many individuals hire a mover so they can ensure they don’t lift even a finger during a move. Someone else will do the packing and handle heavy items as you sit on your couch and sip lemonade.

However, the reality remains that moving day normally comes with a list of moving-related responsibilities, which movers may not take care of you.

Using a professional and experienced moving company will make the entire process of packing and moving easier, but still, there are several things you do to help. Some of these things include:

Pack and Label

To save money and time during the move, be sure to pack as much as you can before the day of moving comes.

This means organizing everything in your boxes and labeling them according to their destinations. This can make it simple for movers to determine where to put their things in the new house.

Ascertain Easy Access in and Out

Ensure there is easy access for the moving team, particularly if you stay in one of the multi-level buildings in the city. You might want to book an elevator and loading docks in advance.

Overlooking this might result in unavailability on the day of moving, which might cause more costs you could have avoided.

Disconnect Appliance

Get your appliances ready by unplugging rather than doing so on the day of moving. This goes for every appliance or electricals, which you can unplug and takedown before your move.

You may not want a moving team to try and figure out how to unplug and disassemble your washing machines. Ensure to also unplug your clocks, coffee maker, lamps, and DVD player.

Guide Movers Where to Park

Parking is usually overlooked during the process of moving. But believe it or not, parking will be at the top mind of your movers.

Most likely, the driver may call you to let you know that they are on their way and ask where they should park.

If you haven’t yet made any arrangement, you have to ensure your mover has a parking space to park their trucks.

Keep Pets and Children out of the Way

Your pets and kids might find the moving day very frightening and exciting. They may get on the way and even distract your attention. They can end up with injuries when you don’t have a good plan for them.

So you might want to make sure you put your pets in a carrier for transport or in a calm and quiet room. Alternatively, you can arrange for daycare for your kids and pets as you concentrate on loading.

Empty the Drawers

Every mover has a different policy to move pieces of furniture loaded with drawers. It depends on how far you want to relocate, but you might want to empty your drawers before the day of moving.

It will also be okay to leave unbreakable and light items in the drawers, such as shoes, clothes, and bedding, especially when you are just moving across the streets.

Final Say!

Your mover will really appreciate it if you take the effort and time to make your move efficient. Don’t make boxes too heavy. Instead, empty and secure every drawer for your move so as to avoid hazardous shifting.

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