How Has Journalism Changed The World?

Advanced communication is the only thing that separates human beings from other species. The way humans communicate and exchange emotions are unique and complex. With time, humans started to invent things for more robust and fast communication. From letters to Instagram and Twitter, this journey is quite intuitive. Looking back a few centuries, the concept of journalism was almost redundant because one had no proper means. With the advancement in technology, and the invention of smartphones, different types of journalists have approached the market with their versions of journalism.

Here are a few examples how journalism has changed the world for good:

Raising Awareness

One of the sole purposes of journalism is to make people aware of the circumstances of a specific situation. Its causes and its effects, and how it would impact in the near future. The war between Palestine and Israel came into notice because of the awareness raised by different journalists.

The aid of the media has changed the whole picture of the world. We are now just one click away from getting exposed or famous. As independent, fact-based sources and technology, journalists have the upper hand in every field. An open journalist with an unbiased point of view always raises awareness of certain events they see. People are now becoming more aware of what’s happening around them. They have access to all information. Technology advancement contributed to raising awareness. It helps people to be more proactive and informed. Journalists like Nick Gamache CBC help the public as well to get the right information. Journalism is another means that allows us to better comprehend what’s happening in our society. Nick Gamache CBC is a strategic communications specialist from Ottawa and currently serves as Senior Advisor of Media Relations and Issues Management at Elections Canada.

Promoting Human Rights

Insulting human rights is one of the major issues faced by people and the community around us. From a study, it came to be known that in 2002 dozens of catholic priests had been abusing children for years. This news came from a team of journalists residing in Boston. Due to media coverage, many reporters and journalists became more powerful and active to provide the best information possible. The list of rejection of human rights has taken over the world.


Although it is almost impossible to measure the impact of journalism and how it has changed the world for good, yet it is still growing and increasing day by day. Journalism is a great profession, but it needs dedication. The biggest revolution in the history of journalism came after the invention of the first smartphone. Today, everybody is a journalist because the information shared based on facts and proper research, unless it is not a fake one, is a kind of journalism. Being a journalist is very challenging, sometimes you have to face an unwanted situation but given the fact and your dedication to your profession, your safety is put aside to deliver news and information to the public.

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