Hiring for Success: How to find the Right Talent Online

In times like these, the business world is brimming with fright. With news of a recession on the way, the lingering after-effects of Covid, and the over-saturation of industry markets, being a business in this decade is tough.

Often what salvages those that seem to outperform their competitors is having the right talent working behind the wheels, and believe me, finding – and keeping – such talent is no easy feat. But in the fast-paced world of technology, you can very well hire valuable talent for your company. All you need to know is how to leverage different techniques, all while keeping your budget under control.

And luckily for you, I’ve been hiring online for years, with my strategies having helped secure remarkable talent for companies across the board. Interested in knowing more?

Here’s how you can hire the right talent online:

Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is to talent acquisition as TikTok is to dance reels, and what better way to find talent than a platform that specializes in just that – and is pretty good at it too! Once you have a company page set up on LinkedIn – make sure your optics are all in place – then it’s time to start using your profile to find your business’ next top hires!

Post regular content on your LinkedIn page including company updates, news about the industry, and of course, job openings in the organization. All in all, the content that you put on your LinkedIn profile should attract potential colleagues towards your company by building good business repute.

The key here is to stay consistent, pair your posts with impressive copy, and of course, have visuals that attract. And if you’re worried about that last bit, then let me tell you, I never design any of my LinkedIn posts from scratch, and I post multiple times in a week! My secret? Poster My Wall’s LinkedIn templates.

Literally, they’ve been nothing short of a lifesaver, and the platform’s easy-to-customize features mean that I can have a post ready in a matter of minutes – and all this without spending a single dime!

Become a Social Media Poster

There’s hardly a person off social media these days – whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, everyone has their own jam, and your next top colleague could very well be hiding among these masses!

And the trick to finding the right ones is by putting yourself out there on different social media platforms. Start by creating profiles on the likes of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and of course, optimize them.

Once your profiles are up, it’s time to get posting. Now if you’re not a designer then there’s no need to worry. Coming from a fellow non-designer who’s been posting on social media for ages, I’m about to share with you my best-kept secret: Poster My Wall’s social media graphics.

With dozens upon dozens of designs, I found the customization so easy! Really, I’d have a social media post ready in ten minutes, saving me tons of time and cash – so it was really the perfect win-win situation.

Case Studies for the Win

Finding and recruiting candidates online can often create a communication barrier that prevents the recruiter from properly assessing the candidate. After all, there are no one-on-one in-person interactions, no opportunity to observe body language, and no department immersion activities prior to hiring.

To overcome this – an element that could easily pose as an obstacle in finding the right candidate – companies can carry out virtual case studies for candidates to attempt. Whether real-time or not, these case studies should be designed in a way that they measure a candidate’s various functionalities and traits – both personal and work-related.

Once completed, these case studies can help in the online recruitment process by allowing recruiters to develop a deeper insight into the candidates that they’re evaluating, putting them one step closer to finding their perfect fit!

Be in Touch with Technology – and Make Sure your Candidates are Too!

While technology is our friend, it can easily outdo us as well. And when technology creates frustration in the recruitment process, then it’s anything but fun for all those involved. From glitches to connectivity issues to different streams of communication, the troubles that can occur when hiring online are countless.

As a result, a necessary step to take when doing a hiring run online is to familiarize yourself with the technical – and to make sure that your candidate is up to date too!

First call of order: send out a detailed email to your candidate well in advance of their online interview where you address any technical points and outline what devices and connections they would need. Also make sure to include meeting links where they can be seen clearly, and provide a troubleshooting forum if any assistance is needed.

As for the recruiter’s side, you should ensure that the interviewer has a stable internet connection, has hardware that is functioning properly, and is comfortable with leading the online session.

Once both parties are on board and connected, then it should be smooth sailing from there, letting the recruitment process continue in peace.

So, if you’re a business – big or small – looking to complete a hiring run online, then these tips will be your savior in the field. Stick to them and mold them to fit your company’s requirements, and you’ll soon have a list of talent that will take your business to new heights!

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