Can You Legally Become A Lord, Laird, or Lady?

Souvenir plots of land offered through titles are ways for people around the world to become closer to Scotland. However, when you register yourself, it doesn’t mean you are officially a landowner. Not all jurisdictions permit this since these plots can’t be registered in the official land register. The intention is only to offer fun and be in touch with Scottish roots. In addition, some services are also intended to aid the organizations in their efforts towards the conservation of woodland.

Legal Loophole to Buy Titles

There are only a handful of ways to become a Lord or a Lady, such as only if you are born and marry into it or if appointed to the House of Lords by the Queen and prime minister. Besides these limited options, there is a small legal loophole in Scotland that makes anyone a Lord or a Lady.

All you require is one square foot of land with no restrictions on having more land. These small plots are referred to as souvenir plots on which you can find a long history in Scotland. Anyone can be called a Lord or a Lady through this loophole.

Is It Possible To Use Your Title In Daily Life?

Yes, what you need to do is to place an order at Established Titles, and you can use your titles in daily life. Your new title can be considered on many documents such as plane tickets, credit cards, hotel bookings, and more.

Can The Public Be Called As Lord Or Lady?

Amidst the picturesque Scottish kingdom of Fife lies the titles of one and only “Lord” or “Lady”. It used to be reserved for the blue-blooded; however, now accessible to the common people for the first time. Now, live the high life with the individual title of lord or lady by purchasing your Scottish title pack from Established Titles Reviews.

Lordship and Ladyship Title Packs

Established Titles Reviews have concluded that it offers a unique plot number and a personalized certificate with the person’s name in the title. In their title packs, each one includes a souvenir plot in an estate in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Established Titles offers a legal document that is accepted in many jurisdictions affirming your right to be known by your new title.

What Can I Do With The Land?

With its own land registry, the Lords, Lairds, and Ladies will have traditional responsibilities. You can get yourself the chance of participating in land management votes and introduce your opinions on how to restore the land. You might not have a real right of ownership yet a personal right to do plenty of lovely things in your small piece of Scotland. You can visit your plot, enjoy a stroll, and have a picnic. You can also plant a tree and do some vegetation here as well.


Many people associate being a lord, laird, or a lady with land ownership. Yet, you can achieve this title without being attached to own or inherit the land. With these souvenir plots, you can help the estate conserve the land while you will also enjoy some fun and legal benefits of titles.

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