A Guide to Cleaning Air Instead of Covering Up Odors

Have you ever bought an air freshener to get rid of a bad smell? Those usually end in disappointment. That’s because they don’t do anything to get rid of the odor. All they do is cover up the smell. Once it wears off, the smell is still there. Sterilizing the air rids you of the smell permanently.

Where Do Smells Like to Gather?

To get rid of smells, you’ve got to figure out their source. We’d recommend following your nose. Some places are more likely to hold on to odors than others. Looking in those areas first can hasten your search.


Carpet may be super comfortable on the feet, but odors tend to cling to it. If you have carpet in any of your rooms, try looking there first. You’ll find the culprit right away a lot of the time.

Fabric Furniture:

Other than your carpet, fabric furniture is another place that loves to hold on to odors. The more you use them, the more likely they are to start smelling.


You’d be surprised at how often bad smells enter your home by hitching a ride on clothing. Take a quick peek at your closet to see if you can find the source of that smell.

Neutralizing Odors Vs. Sterilizing the Air

Covering up a smell is easy. You can spray the air with some fragrance, or you could simply light a candle. Those options might provide some temporary relief. However, they won’t solve your problem.

Fragrant Sprays:

Fragrant sprays and candles only relieve the symptoms of bad odors. They don’t fix anything. Masking the smell will only help you out so much.

Air Filtration:

Replace the air filters on your HVAC system. Occasionally, simply switching out the filters will solve your issue. HEPA air filters help remove the largest particles out of the air.

Ion Generation:

For something even stronger, use an air ionizer. These create charged particles that bind to odor particles. Thus, making them drop to the floor.

Electrostatic Precipitation:

This process uses corona discharges to remove odor particles from the air. It’s a similar result to that of ion generation. It just uses a slightly different route to get there.

Getting Rid of Mold Spores

Sometimes, bad smells might indicate the presence of mold. If you smell something musty, molds could be growing inside of your home. Getting rid of mold starts with getting rid of the water. Mold only grows where there is moisture.

Dehumidifiers Are Your Friend:

A quality dehumidifier will help remove most of the moisture from your environment. At that point, you’ve just got to find the mold. Then, toss it out.

Certain HEPA Air Filters May Help:

Check your HEPA air filters. These remove most mold particles from the air. That way, you won’t be breathing the stuff in. Breathing in the mold is harmful to your health, and it can lead to respiratory problems. An updated air filter lessens the likelihood of something like that from occurring.

Why Air Quality Matters, Even Inside Your Home

You might not think that the quality of your air makes much of an impact on you. However, air quality plays a huge role in your health. Living somewhere that always smells bad isn’t just unpleasant. It can be unhealthy. From moldy odors to wildfire smoke, it’s always a good idea to keep the air you breathe clean. Sterilizing the air is different than covering up an odor. Instead of grabbing a fragrant spray, trying cleaning the air. Use the best air purifier for wildfire smoke. That way, you’ll get rid of those smells for good.

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