A Complete Guide About Copper Exploration

Are you interested to know about Copper (Cu)? Do you want to know how experts extract it from deep down the earth? How is it explored? What are the techniques? If yes, keep on reading because we will tell you everything regarding Copper (Cu) Exploration in this article. All you need to do is, stick to your screen and learn the art of Copper Exploration.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive deep into the details about Copper Exploration!

Life Cycle of Copper Mine

You know what, every mine consists of four significant steps or stages. You can not expect to jump onto the next step before completing the earlier one. Yes, somehow, these steps are intermingled with each other. Copper mining also consists of these four basic steps. And what are these steps? These steps are basically; Prospecting or Exploration, Development and Planning, Extraction, and Closure.

  • Every mine’s lifespan consists of four stages.
  • These steps are lengthy and highly expansive.
  • These steps include Prospecting, Development, Extraction, and Closure.

So, these are the steps! Now it’s the time to dive deep in every step!

1.   Prospecting and Exploration

This step is a precursor where Geologists detect whether copper is present or not? Geologists inspect the area in different ways. They check it by taking samples of rocks and soil. They also check by drilling and getting more pieces inside the earth’s crust. But still, they are not 100% sure whether copper is present or not. Geologists also check out the history and weather of the area they are inspecting.

  • In the first step, Geologists do deep research.
  • They check out the samples of soil, stones, and others.
  • They check out the weather conditions and other historical aspects.
  • This step is just about finding, detecting, and checking.
  • This step takes 2 to 8 years to complete.

2.   Development and Building

This stage is quite complex, where experts need a lot of time and money; they do a lot of paperwork and arrange money. This step includes three different types of mining, including Surface Mining, Underground Mining, and Solution Mining. Geologists and mining experts decide what type of mining is suitable, and then they start that particular mining type. And if you want to know more, check out Collective Mining.

  • This step takes 4 to 12 years to complete.
  • It needs $1 million to $1 billion for completion and even more.
  • A lot of arrangements are made before starting it.
  • Experts choose the right type of mining style according to the area.

3.   Extraction or Mining

It is the primary step that is called Extraction. Experts extract copper with a suitable method at this stage, and these mines remain open for many years. The opening of these mines depends on the location and quantity of copper extracted. This step is also highly expansive and lengthy. Many mines even remain open for 100 years.

  • It is the stage where copper is extracted.
  • Experts choose the mining methods according to the surface.
  • This stage lasts for even 100 years sometimes.
  • This stage may cost 100s of millions of dollars per year.

4.   Closure and Reclamation

It is the last stage where authorities have to close the mine. Even a plan for the reclamation of mine is made before opening a mine. During the reclamation process, many aspects are taken care of like public security, environmental damage, returning the land to its state, social, and economic benefits. The cost for the closing of mine depends upon many things, such as type of ore, area, and size of mine.

  • It is the last stage.
  • A reclamation plan is made even before development.
  • The mine is closed when it is no longer beneficial for the economy.

The Bottom Line

Mining exploration is completed in four steps. In the first step, geologists check out and inspect and find out whether they should start mining at a specific place or not. After exploration, they begin the development process. They arrange technology, budget, and do paperwork. This process consists of three different styles; mining experts choose the right mining style.

After that, they start extracting the copper, which lasts for several years. And last but not least, they close the mine and take proper public security during the reclamation process. Collective Mining is one of the excellent copper mining companies you can visit for more information.

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