When you have been involved in a car accident, the law allows you to seek compensation to help you recover the financial, physical, and emotional damage suffered. This is possible, especially if the car accident resulted from another driver’s negligence. Typically, you have several legal options, including filing a claim with the faulted driver’s insurance company or your insurance company if you have enough coverage. Also, you can file a car accident lawsuit in court to sue the negligent party.

Claiming liability is not a smooth process, and many claimants often find themselves frustrated by the insurance companies. Worse still, some claims get denied due to failure to follow appropriate practices. Seeking the guidance of an experienced car accident lawyer can help you avoid the following mistakes when filing an auto accident lawsuit.

Not seeking medical attention right away

Some car accident victims assume they do not need any medical attention because they feel okay anyway or have not suffered any apparent injuries. However, several car accident injuries, such as concussions, internal bleeding, brain injuries, etc., are not apparent immediately. If they do not appear in your accident claim, you may not be able to seek compensation for them later. Therefore you should seek immediate medical attention before filing a car accident claim.

Representing yourself

Many car accident victims try to take on the insurance companies without legal guidance. You need to know that insurance companies have a team of experienced lawyers who handle auto accident claims daily. Some will even tempt you into accepting a low settlement amount than you truly deserve or trick you into an agreement that compromises your case. A Chicago car accident lawyer knows these tricks and can advocate for your rights and interests through the entire process.

Taking a premature offer from the insurance company

Insurance companies are known for luring car accident victims into accepting quick settlement cash to settle the case quickly. When you receive an early settlement, you may lose your chances of seeking further compensation even if some injuries manifest later. Without a car accident lawyer to guide you, you may be forfeiting your opportunity to pursue fair compensation.

Disclosing pre-existing medical conditions to insurance adjusters

Another mistake to avoid when handling a car accident claim is disclosing pre-existing medical conditions to insurance adjusters. An insurance company doesn’t have your best interests at heart and may use that as a means to offer a low settlement amount than you rightfully deserve. Having a lawyer can protect your rights and advocate for your bests interests.

Giving your insurance company a recorded statement right away

The events following a car accident can be confusing and devastating. When giving a statement immediately after the crash, you are likely to mince your words or even forget important details that could determine who is at fault. It is never advisable to speak to your insurance company without first speaking to your car accident lawyer. You don’t want your statement to be used as a testimony against you.

The takeaway

Having the proper legal guidance can lead to a successful car accident claim.

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